Imagine for a moment what happens when you unlock a whole part of your understanding about your life path, about your horoscope... 

Imagine what it would be like to be able, through a deep understanding of points on an astral chart, to guide others...

Imagine that you could talk to me, ask me all the questions that are bothering you, but also find other people, at the same threshold of consciousness as you, who share your experiences and help you see clearly...

Well, that's what I propose to make you experience with the conferences.

You are here, I am here and since my experience and the total commitment I have to help you overcome your blockages and make you understand the fabulous keyboard of astrology, we are going together for a cycle of 5 conferences.

Each session allows us to hear what we hadn't understood, to pass milestones together, a unity emerges from this group that is no longer virtual at all...

I've been trying this formula for a year to meet an ever-increasing demand for personal development seminars (but never enough places for everyone) and to respond to the lack of video interaction (it's good but still too short), and the success is there. 

Passionate, enthusiastic with the desire to learn, to discover, to train, to pass on to those around you, you who came to me, you made me want to continue on this path.

This year 2024, we have 4 cycles planned that are already very full, but we will do more in 2025...

I try to be attentive to everyone, to answer all the questions and to train you to understand through astrology what you have to do with your life and how the cosmic works. 

What it looks like in practice:

This year 2024, we are addressing the Node Axis as Life Path, Astrology and Spiritual Wisdom, How to Use Positive Thinking in Astrology, the Node Axis, Practical Deepening.

In 2025, I will do the following: 

  • deepening of the axis of the nodes,
  • Sun/Moon/Ascendant,
  • to avoid the traps of karma,
  • Understanding the meaning of reincarnation

And many more... 

If you want to be on the program's mailing list, you can sign up directly via this form:

Respond as soon as you receive the program, the places are gone in a few days!

Each session has 60 participants.

The price is 100 euros for the cycle of 5 conferences (hours 7:30 pm to 10 pm but I always go a little overboard), practical applications are corrected.

The course is available in replay.

Questions can be asked between sessions.

Thank you for your trust and your presence 😊