What can you expect from a consultation? 

Above all, it's an exchange with each of you, patiently helping you to untangle things and start afresh on a better footing, to restore hope, direction and meaning to difficult events of the past, to tame your fears of the future, to read your babies' charts...
There's so much we can ask of astrology, if we know what we want and are ready to understand where our limits are and to start by accepting them in order to be able to go beyond them.

My way of living astrology is first and foremost a desire to do things as perfectly and exhaustively as I can: it's out of the question for me to work less on themes, to take less time with each person, to prepare less of my videos, which are put online for free on YouTube, or to increase my rates.

This requires me to arbitrate, and explains why the delays are (too) long.

My 2024 schedule is full, appointments will still be open in June 2024 for dates from January 2025.

If you don't want to or can't wait, I offer you high-quality alternatives:

These are ways of answering your questions and moving forward on your path.

For the time being, I still make appointments with people I have already had in consultation and you can write to me or my team (who will put urgent emails in front of me very quickly) if you want to bring an important request to my attention.

To reach them:

To reach me, it's always:

The conditions and the information sheet to be completed are available below: